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spacer Louise L. Hay (October 8, 1926 - August 30, 2017)

By now many of you will have heard that the past week brought us the news of the passing of an important teacher and leading figure in the New Thought Movement, our beloved Louise L. Hay. Those of you who know my story may remember that I started this company almost 30 years ago after coming to an agreement with Hay House to handle their distribution in Canada. I was brand new in this industry and they were pretty new as well, with less than half a dozen publications on their list, the cornerstone of which was Louise's You Can Heal Your Life.

You Can Heal Your Life

At that time, You Can Heal Your Life had been on the market about 4 years and was carving out quite a niche for itself in the self-help market. I had been promoting some of Stuart Wilde's books before engaging with Hay House and that project took me into a lot of the West Coast book stores. Every time I entered a metaphysical store, large or small, I would glance around to get my bearings and unfailingly catch sight of the rainbow-hearted cover of You Can Heal Your Life. It seemed that it was trying to get my attention and after many such encounters I eventually flipped open the title page, wrote down the Hay House contact information and gave them a call to see if they needed a Canadian representative.

As the saying goes ... the rest is history.


For many years I was fortunate to get in a couple of visits a year with Louise at annual trade shows that we both attended. The Hay House booth was always a hive of activity, mostly surrounding Louise and her seemingly unending line of fans and followers who patiently waited for the opportunity to have a book signed and to get one of Louise's legendary healing hugs.

Louise touched the lives of so many during her early work with AIDs patients, her founding of the Church of Religious Science and of course through the dissemination of all the amazing Hay House publications. At every opportunity she reminded us to use positive affirmations, invest time in learning to love ourselves and above all to be ever grateful for our life's blessings.


And with more than 50 million sales of You Can Heal Your Life worldwide, we can be sure that Louise's influence will continue to spread far and wide for many decades to come.

It is with deep respect that I reflect upon and am grateful for the life of this remarkable woman. A lover of the natural world she walked gently upon this earth and in so doing showered the path behind and before her with light. We are all the benefactors of her time here.


Barbara J Dempsey