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Living Wisdom Mix #1550
Books and Books with CD

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Invite your customers to experience the richness and diversity of Sounds True books and Books with CD for conscious living with this space-saving, handcrafted spinner.

This multi-format, natural-looking spinner features new releases and bestselling authors and teachers.


  • Art of Attention (Book)
  • Break the Norms (Book)
  • Caravan of No Despair (Book)
  • Energy Healing for Animals (Book)
  • Everything Mind (Book)
  • Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better (Cloth)(Book)
  • Good Morning Yoga (Cloth) (Book)
  • Inside the Miracle (Book)
  • Meditation for Beginners (Book with CD)
  • Mindfulness (Book)
  • Mindfulness for Beginners (Cloth with CD)
  • Neurosculpting (Book)
  • Original Light (Cloth w/2-CDs)
  • Shift into Freedom (Book)
  • Conscious Wedding Handbook (Book)
  • Self-Acceptance Project (Book)
  • This Is Woman's Work (Cloth) (Book)
  • Walking in Light (Book)
  • Whatever Arises, Love That (Cloth) (Book)
  • What's in the Way Is the Way (Book)

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The display is free with a minimum wholesale order. Dimensions: 66" high (including header) x 17.25" wide x 14" deep