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Habitats Chime - Forest Cascade

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Product Code:WC-HCFW
Author:Woodstock Chimes
Vendor: Woodstock Chimes


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Handmade ceramic leaves offer green and russet color all year long.

From butterflies to blue whales, the earth teems with life. Areas that sustain life are called habitats, and each habitat is part of an interconnected system that makes the richness of our life on Earth possible. The Woodstock Habitats series celebrates the variety of nature around us.

Some trees change color before they lose their leaves in autumn. This chime's handmade ceramic leaves display a subtle range of green and russet color all year-round. Invite the nature sounds of these ceramic leaves into your interior or outdoor settings.

Dimensions: 26 in. Overall Length, 10 in. Wide
Materials: Rosewood finish beech wood, green and terra cotta color ceramic leaves.