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Illusion of Time (DVD)
Breaking Free from the Pull of Past and Future

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Author:Tolle, Eckhart
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Eckhart Tolle invites us to explore the typical day-to-day state of consciousness for most people, a state of being where we hope that the future will be better, or fear that it will be worse, than what is happening at this moment. Eckhart leads us to the astonishing realization that the future ultimately only exists as a thought in your head. He also elaborates on the sense of incompleteness we instil in ourselves by identifying with our thoughts, which always concern the past & future, creating unease with the present moment.

In this talk, Eckhart describes how the more time dominates your life, the more identified you are with thought, including:

- The way in which the concept of time is used by the mind to explain change
- The conceptual identity we rely on to construct our sense of self
- How this identity creates distance between self and other
- How the human urge to create conflict provides a substitute for a true feeling of aliveness.