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Warrior Goddess Meditations (2-CD set)
10 Guided Practices for Claiming Your Authentic Wisdom and Power

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Author:Amara, HeatherAsh
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I am whole. I am powerful. I am divine. "When you say these words," asks HeatherAsh Amara, "do you feel the weight of self-judgment and doubt? Or do you feel their truth ringing in your bones."

Warrior Goddess Meditations takes us step by step into the process of transformation using the tools taught in her acclaimed book. Ideal on its own or as a reading companion, this program covers 10 guided practices for fully embracing our feminine power: committing to yourself, aligning with life, purifying your vessel, grounding your being and freeing your past, energizing your sexuality and creativity, claiming your strength and will, opening your heart, speaking with authenticity, embodying your wisdom, and choosing your path.

Whether you're new to the Warrior Goddess path or a longtime student, this audio experience will give you an abundance of ways to identify the beliefs that constrain you - and reclaim your energies of fierce love, compassion, vulnerability, and authenticity.