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Yoga of Awakening - Mystic Flow (2-DVD set)
Transforming Your Practice into Love and Service

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Author:Corn, Seane
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Seane Corn's Yoga of Awakening DVD series guides us into the deeper dimensions of yoga, offering in-depth training for discovering our vast potential for greater consciousness and connection. In this third volume, Mystic Flow, she bridges our physical-mental and emotional-energetic worlds with the realm of spirit.

"The psychic-symbolic realm of timeless nature," she teaches, "is our connection to God, to creation, and to our own divinity." When we bring this dimension into yoga, our practice becomes an offering and an embodied prayer. We align ourselves for fulfillment, love, and service in the world.

This program includes a beginner's practice, four intermediate practices (for internal and external work), and an advanced practice. Each includes personal intention and prayer, and then progresses into movement, restoration, mindful reflection, and meditation.