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Sh-t Your Ego Says
Strategies to Overthrow Your Ego and Become the Hero of Your Story

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Product Code:9781401951191
Author:McCrae, James
Vendor: Hay House


Sometimes our biggest failures lead to our greatest transformation. Sh-t Your Ego Says is a true story of how James McCrae gave up his career in advertising to follow his dreams of being a writer in NYC - only to end up broke and homeless on the island of Culebra in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Sitting desolate and alone on Flamenco Beach, James was forced to face the demons of his mind and come to terms with his greatest fears and insecurities. What he found was his Ego - and it had a lot of sh-t to say.

There are two voices inside us. One is the Ego, the other is the Higher Self. The Ego is your reactive, attached mind. It tells you that you are a victim of circumstance and that life has no purpose. The Higher Self is your source of intuition and imagination. It tells you that every struggle has a purpose and that limits are a matter of perception. The battle between the Ego and Higher Self is revealed in this universal story of pain and redemption.

Packed with powerful personal narratives woven with simple strategies to overthrow your Ego, this book will help you actualize your life purpose, start creating the reality you most desire, and become the hero of your story.