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Cleansing Spray 60 ml
Smoke-Free Cleansing Spray for Spaces, Places & Objects

CDN Retail:$9.95
Product Code:WTC060
Vendor: WisdomTrees


Plant cleansing techniques are centuries old and a very effective way to eliminate odors, dense energy and general daily accumulation of negative energy we pick up from places such as public transport, restaurants, bars and hospitals etc.

The WisdomTrees Cleansing sprays are hand made with the intention of transforming and neutralizing heavy, dense and negative energy. This energy can accumulate even by having a simple argument in the work place or at home. WisdomTrees Cleansing sprays are intended for energy management at a more subtle level and allow for a freer flow of positive energy in places, spaces or on objects.

Simply spray the room, space or object and enhance the affects by the power of adding your own intention to transform any negative energy to lightness.

Content: Cedar infused distilled water; Polysorbate 20; Cedar; Rosemary; Sage; Lavender; Frankincense; Jasmine and Grapefruit Essential Oils