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To Be a Man
A Guide to True Masculine Power

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Author:Masters, Robert
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Beyond the dog-eared men's movement classics or simplistic fitness magazine advice, men have been wanting for solid, core life guidance for years. For psychotherapist Robert Augustus Masters, this lack of guidance led to an ever-more-familiar refrain:

I've got it all - so why am I so dissatisfied with my life? Why am I never happy in my romantic relationships? How do I become more courageous and powerful without becoming that jerk everyone hates?

Masters has helped thousands of men address these issues. Based on those interactions, he's found that one solution is clear: we must face our early wounds and shame in order to bring our "head, heart, and guts into full-blooded alignment."

With the paperback edition of his insightful book To Be a Man, this acclaimed expert guides readers in an exploration of: emotional mastery, confronting toxic beliefs about sexuality and intimacy, outgrowing pornography and other addictions, the power of vulnerability, deepening relationships, and more.

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