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Multifaith Wall Calendar 2019
Exploring New Connections

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Published annually by the Multifaith Action Society (MAS), the Multifaith Calendar is a unique educational resource that facilitates and promotes understanding of religious observances, occasions and festivals important to a wide spectrum of cultural and faith communities. Featuring 28 pieces of original art from visual artists across North America and Internationally, the 2019 edition marks the 33rd year of publication and features the theme of Exploring New Connection.

Rather than separate and divide even further, now is the time to take down walls, and come together in new ways. The 2019 edition of the Multifaith Calendar asks what connects us? Is it economies, politics, a sense of place, a unique culture? What brings people together in dialogue, action and creativity? How do we build new bridges across old divides? The 2019 MFC looks for new paradigms on how to actively engage with each other that holds the promise of inclusion and not exclusion and strives to demonstrate visually and with content that there is less that separates us than brings us together. Enjoy!