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Angel Symphony of Love and Light (CD)

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Product Code:091026127X
Author:Merlin's Magic
Vendor: Inner Worlds

  Angels accompany you on your path so that you recognize that you also possess perfect being and lightness. Angels touch you, and you can recall your own divine spark. Angels can raise you up into the light-filled, powerful areas of your being that have always been there but are easily forgotten in the daily routine.

Simply open up to the vibrations of the angels, and they will flow through your body - healing and strengthening you. If you also remember the angels in the course of your everyday life, you can perceive and resolve your challenges with the lightness of an angel. Then you will feel the light and the love of the angels within you and see the situation from a different perspective. You will smile and suddenly experience how your life has been transformed in a wonderful way.

Life becomes lighter and happier through the love and vibration of the angels. Merlin's Magic is one of the most renowned composers of spiritual healing music throughout the world. The heart of Merlin's Magic is producer and composer Andreas Mock, whose unique style of gently flowing melodies and meditative magic is splendidly supported by various outstanding musicians.