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Music as Medicine (CD)

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Author:Khechog, Nawang
Vendor: Sounds True

  Ancient Tibetan teachings tell us that merely seeing an image of the Medicine Buddha or even hearing his name holds the power to heal. Now, acclaimed musician and former Buddhist monk Nawang Khechog invokes the blessings of this potent deity on his new recording, Music as Medicine. Nawang is one of the few Tibetan musicians today who has received the blessing transmission of these teachings and shares them here with the outside world as a catalyst for transformation.

On this all-new album, premier native American musician R. Carlos Nakai joins Nawang Khechog as a special guest artist to create a cross-cultural apothecary of soothing melodies and healing chants to infuse this universal energy within anyone who listens.

With Tibetan flute, long horn, and overtone chanting, native American flute and drum, universal horn, and calming chants to restore balance and health.