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Mudra (DVD)
Gestures of Power

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  When you join your hands together in prayer, offer your open hand to a friend, or even point your finger to emphasize an idea - you are using a symbolic body language with roots in antiquity. On Mudra: Gestures of Power, you will join yoga expert and mudra authority Sabrina Mesko to discover an elegant yet powerful system for connecting your intention with the flow of energy through every cell in your body.

Mudra is a Sanskrit word meaning "seal" or "sign." Mudras are used by the yogis of India to describe the ritual hand gestures they practice during deep meditation. Ancient priests secretly investigated how we can actualize inner states through outer expression with asanas or postures, including positions for the hands and fingers.

From fearlessness, to patience, to energy, to enlightenment - every higher quality we aspire to can be sealed and activated with its own mudra. Now you can investigate for yourself one of the oldest esoteric arts for strengthening your body, clarifying your thoughts, and deepening your meditations with Mudra, Gestures of Power.

You will learn:

  • 18 specific mudras, taught step-by-step by a master practitioner
  • How mudras can calm your mind and enhance concentration - in just a few minutes a day
  • Ancient symbolic connections between your hands and the cosmos
  • Which mudras to use for spiritual growth
  • Mudras for eliminating fatigue, enhancing longevity, and recharging your energy, and
  • The history and practice of hand gestures from past to present.