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Mantegna Tarot Deck

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Although this breathtakingly beautiful deck is not a standard tarot deck, there is no doubt of its ability to inspire and guide. These silver-gilded cards reflect all the delicacy and intricate beauty of the medieval cosmology that it depicts.

Departing from the traditional division into Major and Minor Arcana, these cards are divided in five groups of 10 cards each. Paralleling the medieval world view, the groupings represent: social stations of humankind, the nine Muses plus Apollo, the Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Cardinal Virtues, and the Heavenly Spheres. Because this view of life may be unfamiliar to those of us in the 21st century, the 25 teaching cards provide interpretations to the perhaps unknown Terpsichore, Polymnia, and Melpomene. As the light dances on the silver foil, let the Virtues direct you, the Liberal Guides guide you, and the Muses inspire you.