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Law of Attraction Directly from Source (CD)
Leading Edge Thought, Leading Edge Music

CDN Retail:$21.00
Product Code:9781401923419
Author:Hicks, E & Hicks, J & Raposa, Scott
Vendor: Hay House

  Music CD with insert, which will have all the song lyrics. Through the magical projection of high-vibration music, Law of Attraction Directly from Source will powerfully and playfully immerse you in the progressive stream of thought and the highly practical wisdom of The Teachings of Abraham. Each track features Leading Edge electronically influenced music that has been woven around the empowering and upbeat voice of Esther as she speaks for Abraham - a Non-Physical group of highly evolved teachers. So just relax and listen quietly, or crank it all the way up as you move and groove with your own vibrational being. Either way, prepare yourself for a sonic ride on the soothing - yet soul-stirring - audio stream of Well-Being.