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Knitting the Threads of Time
Casting Back to the Heart of Our Craft

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Author:Murphy, Nora
Vendor: New World Library

  In an era of global warming, war, escalating petrol prices and de-escalating income, and drugs and killings in schools, mothers feel they have little control over their families or their worlds. Nora Murphy eloquently demonstrates that many women do control one tiny thing: their next stitch. Across the country, more and more women (and men) are taking up needles to create a scarf, a blanket, a baby bonnet, a sweater, or an afghan to protect and warm their loved ones. Murphy, a novice knitter, speaks to those women and also speaks for the generations of women who have clothed and protected and provided for their families by creating fibre art and clothing.

Knitting the Threads of Time brushes off the thick layer of dust that separates contemporary knitters from the powerful prehistoric tradition of women's cloth-making. They learn that the universal art of making clothes is deeply entwined with primordial regenerative powers of healing and fertility. Armed with this powerful new perspective, knitters can claim their rightful legacy and continue to transform the world with the threads of time.

While Knitting the Threads of Time is nonfiction, it shares narrative devices with popular knitting novels - a compassionate contemporary protagonist, her struggles in daily life, her passion for knitting, a compelling challenge that drives the plot, and a joyful ending. Murphy's personal stories - about the craft, her struggles to understand esoteric knitting patterns, her help from the shaman of the knit shop, and her challenges sticking with an often frustrating project - will draw in knitters and any reader who has struggled to create something 'from scratch'.