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Tibetan Chants For World Peace (CD)

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Author:The Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir
Vendor: White Swan

  The Tibetan Buddhist chants on this album had never been recorded until 2001, when Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart brought The Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir to his California studio to record the incredible multiphonics of their sacred rituals. The monks gave Hart permission to overdub their voices, achieving the huge sound of the 100-voice choir as one might hear at their mountain monastery - with each monk's voice singing a complete, extraordinary chord.

Gyuto Tantric University preserves one of Tibetan Buddhism's most esoteric traditions, training many young Tibetan monks in the spiritual legacy of the Gyuto order.

All royalties from sales of this recording go to Gyuto Tantric University. In addition, as part of White Swan's Healthy Cultures, Healthy Planet series, sales also generate donations to the cultural preservation efforts of Tibet House.