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Body at Home (DVD)
A Simple Plan to Drop 10 Pounds. Basic Workouts DVD

CDN Retail:$18.50
Product Code:9781401926519
Author:Cruise, Jorge
Vendor: Hay House

  Investing in your health always pays off. And in these difficult economic times, you can do it without wasting time and money on expensive gym memberships. The Body at Home DVD is designed to help viewers maximize their budgets by providing the gym results they want at home. No costly membership fees or expensive equipment required.

The Body at Home DVD consists of:

  • Welcome and program overview from Jorge Cruise
  • Three 20-minute workouts
  • One Bonus weight-free travel workout

JORGE CRUISE has helped millions of clients, online and off, with his three consecutive bestselling books, The 12 Second Sequence, The 3-Hour Diet, and 8 Minutes in the Morning. Each Sunday his USA WEEKEND magazine column can be read by 50 million people. He is also the host of Real Sweet TV, a brand-new video blog.