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Qi Workout AM/PM (DVD)
Qi Gong Exercises to Recharge Yourself Each Day

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Author:Holden, Lee
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  Qi gong is a gentle, powerful energy practice for improving wellness and vitality. Starting and ending your day with simple qi gong movements dramatically boosts your energy, increases your mental clarity, and improves your physical health.

On the Morning and Evening Qi Gong DVD, master teacher Lee Holden offers simple, time-honoured practices that give you a "lightning flash of vitality" to start your day as well as "relaxing infusion" to calm the body and mind in preparation for a good night's sleep. These 15- to 20-minute daily practices allow viewers to:

  • set the tone of each day for optimum physical energy and emotional balance
  • release blockages and stagnant qi from the body to improve organ function and internal energy flow
  • enhance overall fitness through safe, low-impact exercise
  • clear tension held in the muscles and nerves, calming the body and mind for deeper rest at night.

Lee Holden's ability to help beginners discover the health-promoting benefits of qi gong practice has made him one of the most popular teachers today of this ancient art. With Morning and Evening Qi Gong, he presents an accessible training DVD for anyone who wants to experience the energyboosting benefits of qi gong - and develop a daily practice that can lead to a lifetime of good health.