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Peace in the Present Moment (Hardcover)

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Author:Tolle, Eckhart & Katie, Byron
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  With selected quotations from A New Earth and A Thousand Names for Joy, this stunning gift book combines selected wisdom from two of the most popular spirituality writers of this century with vibrant photos of nature's most colourful gift, the flower.

Conceived by award-winning photographer Michelle Penn, who was personally influenced by one of the central metaphors in Tolle's teaching - the flower, this volume contains over forty full-colour photos of flowers wedded to the core teachings of Tolle and Katie. Each flower and corresponding quote provide valuable insight into such key concepts as living in the moment, gratitude, nurturing the soul, and much, much, more.

Peace in the Present Moment is a gift book that will be embraced by those who have been touched by the teachings of both of these spiritual luminaries.