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Tibetan Bowl Meditation (CD)
A Vibratory Journey into Deep Meditative States

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Product Code:9781559619851
Author:Guerguerian, River
Vendor: Relaxation Company

  "In 1993, I left a career as a New York City percussionist in search of a deeper meaning to my life. I traveled the world for five years with only a backpack, a frame drum, a gong, a flute, and nine Tibetan singing bowls. Spending much of that time in the Himalayas, I studied with traditional healers and developed methods for inducing states of healing and meditation using the unique vibrational essence of Tibetan singing bowls."
- River Guerguerian

On Tibetan Bowl Meditation, River draws on his years of experience to create a powerfully meditative and deeply tranquil soundspace. The resonant tones of Tibetan bowls, acoustic bass, cello, electric guitar and water gongs will lead your mind and body to deep inner calm as the layers of your consciousness slowly unfold.

River Guerguerian is an award-winning multi-percussionist and composer who can be heard on over 100 albums and film soundtracks. He has performed and/or recorded with the Paul Winter Consort, Chuck Berry, Sophie B. Hawkins, The Tibetan Singing Bowl Ensemble,the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Lionel Hampton, The Gypsy Kings, and Ziggy Marley.