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Guided Meditations for Self-Healing (CD)
Essential Practices to Relieve Physical and Emotional Suffering and Enhance Recovery

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Product Code:9781604072020
Author:Kornfield, Jack
Vendor: Sounds True

  Meditation brings you into a deep communion with your own body and heart - but what happens when you are sick or in pain? With Guided Meditations for Self-Healing, Jack Kornfield guides listeners through meditations created specifically to ease physical and emotional suffering and activate a powerful capacity for restoring yourself to wholeness. Listeners join this leading meditation teacher and psychologist for a systematic teaching on the Healing Power of Attention, plus three essential practices:
  • The Practice of Healing Presence - how to use the earth itself as an inner refuge and bring a healing presence to your whole body
  • The Great Healing Temple - guided meditation to the inner healing temple, encountering the great healer, and receiving the necessary gifts for true recovery and blessing
  • The Healing Touch of Love - directing lovingkindness to all the places in your body and psyche that are in need.

When it comes to leading guided meditations, there is perhaps no teacher more skilled than Jack Kornfield. With Guided Meditations for Self-Healing, he presents three powerful meditations created to provide solace and strength during the times of injury and suffering when we need it the most.