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Reiki Healing Music (CD)
A Reiki Master and Sound Healer Creates an Atmosphere for Rejuvenation

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Product Code:MM01736D
Author:Christopher of the Wolves
Vendor: Sounds True

  Reiki practitioners know the importance of creating a deeply relaxing environment to help their clients get the most out of a healing session. Perhaps the quickest way to establish this tranquil space is through music. Using his finely tuned hands, reiki master and musician Christopher of the Wolves has created Reiki Healing Music, a spacious and peaceful soundscape for setting such an atmosphere. Featuring the soothing vibrations of the hang (pronounced "hong"), as well as other mesmerizing instruments that Christopher learned to play during his extensive travels, this musical journey is perfect for meditation, yoga, massage or any other healing art.

Made of two circular steel sheets fused together, the hang has seven or eight tone fields hammered on the outside. Depending on how it is played, the hang can produce a dynamic range of sounds resembling those of a harp or gong. Created in Switzerland and prized for its soothing harmonic qualities, the hang has become a highly sought-after instrument by healing artists across the globe.

From Denmark to Thailand and more, listeners worldwide have touted the intricate and gentle music of Christopher of the Wolves. Now he invites us to relax into the soothing sounds of Reiki Healing Music.