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Meditative Ocean & Rainforest (2 CD Set)
Timeless Pacific Surf & Sri Lankan Forest Sounds with Theta Brainwaves

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Author:Thompson, Jeffrey
Vendor: Relaxation Company

  Simply play these natural soundscapes in the background to be effortlessly transported to the peacefulness waiting inside you. A perfect blend of science and nature.

During peaceful, meditative states, your brainwave patterns change to slow-frequency Theta waves. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has created innovative techniques to embed these Theta waves into vivid recordings of pristine natural environments. After a few minutes of listening, your own brainwaves naturally lock onto these Theta processes, effortlessly transporting you to deep reflective calm and quiet joy.

CD 1: Meditative Ocean
On the Hawaiian Island of Maui, rising above the blue-green surf, a cave formed by ancient lava flow is revered as a sacred site. From this hallowed place you can hear the rhythms of nearby ocean swells, cresting, breaking and rolling onto the shore.

CD 2: Meditative Rainforest
This tranquil recording of the Sinharaja Rainforest in Sri Lanka pulses with the sounds of nature. In this lush tropical forest, where Buddhist monasteries dot the landscape, you're surrounded by a rich symphony of nighttime insects, distant frogs and water droplets dripping from leaf to leaf.