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Crystal Bowl Meditation (CD)
A Vibratory Journey into Deep Meditative States

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Product Code:9781559619844
Author:Sciulli, Ami & Steve
Vendor: Relaxation Company

  Life In Balance is a nationally touring musical duo who use sacred instruments merged with current technology to create a sonic environment for meditation and transformation. They utilize pure quartz crystal bowls, which emit an ethereal and penetrating field of vibration, acting as a carrier wave for (the healing tones of) flutes, keyboard and Moog synthesizers. Your body becomes a sympathetic resonator, in sync with the perfect harmonic patterns of this musical alchemy. Inner visions arise, cellular healing unfolds, and deep meditation opens its mysteries.

Life in Balance (the wife and husband team, Ami and Steve Sciulli) are pioneers in ambient and trance-inducing electro-acoustic music. Together they create music which is a synthesis of New Age, Ambient and Electronic with influences from Fripp, Eno, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and Peter Gabriel. They perform Sound Healing Meditations and hypno-global trance concerts nationwide. They have played with Deepak Chopra, Rusted Root, Krishna Das and The Drepung Gomang Tibetan Monks. Steve has opened for U2, Red Hot Chile Peppers, and Echo and the Bunnymen.