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Children's Spirit Animal Stories Vol I (CD)
Volume 1

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Author:Farmer, Steven
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This exciting new second edition of Children's Spirit Animal Stories Volume I stories now includes original music, sound design and multiple voices playing the characters in the tales. This audio storybook is based on the award-winning Children's Spirit Animal Cards by Dr. Steven D. Farmer, who brings his delightful stories about Arianna and Heather the Hummingbird, Foxy and Secret Favors, Cody the Coyote and Grandmother Swan. A story audiobook offers the positive benefits of allowing children to draw their own mental pictures as they listen to the story and music unfold.

The art of storytelling is one of the most ancient forms of communicating core family and personal values, conveying messages in ways that are naturally and intuitively understood. Children can easily relate to stories that communicate important ideas about respect for the Earth and other living beings when told through the viewpoint of animals. Animals demonstrate a truthful simplicity that we sometimes forget as we grow older and our world becomes more complicated. But our connection with nature can be restored as we listen to the inner voice that guides us and the life force that beats in all living things.