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Sexy Vegan's Happy Hour at Home
Small Plates, Big Flavors, and Potent Cocktails

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Product Code:9781608682348
Author:Patton, Brian L.
Vendor: New World Library

  Brian Patton, a regular guy rather than a celebrity chef, began posting videos on YouTube as his witty, ukulele-playing alter ego, "the Sexy Vegan." Celebrity status ensued. When Patton fell in love, he offered to prepare Friday night Happy Hours for his beloved. The result - as word of mouth spread amongst the couples' friends - is the contents of this book: 25 parties packed with yamburger sliders, grilled asparagus and figs, green bean fries, rigatoni poppers, a variety of potent potables, and even morning after treats like rhubarb pancakes and mimosas. With the same user-friendly flair that led Vegan.com to describe Patton's The Sexy Vegan Cookbook as "jam-packed with unfussy yet inventive recipes that anyone can make," this is food - and fun - for Fridays and any day.