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Embracing the Spirits
True Stories of My Encounters With the Other Side

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Author:Parks, Barbara
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  Traumatized by a poltergeist as a young adult, Barbara Parks never imagined she would overcome her fear of the spirit world. This collection of true ghost stories relates her dramatic, heartwarming journey toward embracing her gift for spirit communication.

Barbara uses pendulums, table-tipping, and her own homemade Ouija table to speak with spirits in old taverns, hotels, schoolhouses, theaters, and her own home. Some spirits need her help in reuniting with loved ones or delivering a special message. Barbara also offers comfort to suicide and murder victims, crosses over troubled spirits, calms an angry poltergeist who can manifest and hurl stones, and captures spirit energy in photographs. These real-life paranormal encounters illuminate the mysterious spirit world - and the fascinating life of a medium.