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Falling Through the Tree of Life
Embodied Kabbalah

CDN Retail: $44.99
Product Code: 9780738768694
Author: Meredith, Jane
Vendor: Llewellyn Worldwide



This dynamic, radical departure from traditional Kabbalah books takes you into the Tree of Life not as an observer but as an active participant who engages with its ten magical spheres (sephirot). Presenting dozens of rituals, meditations, memoirs, and hands-on activities, Falling Through the Tree of Life immerses you in living, breathing magic, transforming the Tree from a complex topic into an embodied dance of love and learning.

No matter your experience level, author Jane Meredith helps you explore each sphere (sephira) in depth and use its real-world lessons to grow your practice. You'll begin like a butterfly falling through the Tree, unaware of its full power. But the farther you go, the more you'll fall in love with each sephira, from the beauty of Tiferet to the scholarship of Hod. This masterwork shows you how to enjoy the journey - full of heart, spirit, and wonder.