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Memoir as Medicine
The Healing Power of Writing Your Messy, Imperfect, Unruly (but Gorgeously Yours) Life Story

CDN Retail: $25.50
Product Code: 9781608688074
Author: Slonim Aronie, Nancy
Vendor: New World Library



Writing has been medicine for Nancy Slonim Aronie. At nine months old, her son Dan was diagnosed with diabetes. Then, at twenty-two, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. During the years she and her husband took care of Dan, and when he died at age thirty-eight, Aronie could not find the book she needed. So she wrote her memoir.

In her decades of teaching memoir writing, Aronie has found thateveryone has a story to tell and that telling it is important. Being willing to share "this is who I am, these are the things that shaped me, this is where I am now" allows a kind of magic and healing to happen. Over decades of self-healing and teaching, Aronie has created a set of prompts, directions, and examples that show readers how to:

  • get to the heart of what they need to say - and say it effectively
  • experience the loss of regret and shame, as well as deep sorrow
  • understand procrastination and move past the fear of writing
  • tell their stories in ways that create an incomparable legacy for children and grandchildren
  • treasure the way their writing can help others heal