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Watch Your Back (Hardcover)
Nine Proven Strategies to Reduce Your Neck and Back Pain Without Surgery

CDN Retail: $36.99
Product Code: 9781683649564
Author: Hansraj, Ken
Vendor: Sounds True



Back problems are the leading cause of disability worldwide - and many of us will endure severe or chronic back pain at some time in our lives. In Watch Your Back, Dr. Hansraj offers a straightforward program for taking the health of your spine and neck into your own hands. Here he offers nine adoptable strategies that provide simple, specific directions on what to do to strengthen your back and make your spine supple. With guidance on nutrition, posture fixes, mindfulness practices for positivity, stretches, and more, Dr. Hansraj's program has provided healing and pain relief for hundreds of patients.

"The health of our back is essential to our overall wellness - not just our physical health, but our clarity of mind, emotional balance, and quality of life," says Dr. Hansraj. Here is an essential resource for anyone suffering from back issues - with powerful self-care methods to help you recover the joy and freedom of a healthy spine.