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Little Magic Rituals (Hardcover) (October 2022)
The Essential Witch's Kit for Reconnecting with Yourself and with Nature

CDN Retail: $21.99
Product Code: 9781787139305
Author: Laissouk, Oceane
Vendor: Chronicle Books



Awaken the witch in you... The Witch's Apprentice: Little Rituals is a pocket spell book, providing everything the modern witch needs to know in order to live in harmony with nature and the elements.

This little guide celebrates ancient magic rituals: rites and ceremonies which can be practised throughout the year, helping you to reconnect with yourself and with the power of the elements.

Learn the basics of Wicca, along with how to put together your witch's kit and altar and how to prepare your first rituals. Using step-by-step advice, Little Rituals will show you how to follow the rhythm of the sun and the moon, using them to celebrate sabbaths and guiding you towards finding true balance.