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Comfort Zone (Hardcover)
Create a Life You Really Love with Less Stress and More Flow

CDN Retail: $34.99
Product Code: 9781401971441
Author: Butler, Kristen
Vendor: Hay House



Get ready to forget everything you've ever been told about the "comfort zone." It's not a place where you sit complacently because you can't be bothered to take action. Instead, it's the truest source of growth, possibility, and joy - and it's within your reach with help from an expert guide.

The founder and CEO of The Power of Positivity, Kristen Butler has spent over a decade examining the elements of a life well lived and the paths that get us there. Her book blows the lid off the idea that anxiety and stress are necessary ingredients for success - and shows you how a state of ease instead of constant effort holds the key to unlocking your full potential. In thoughtful lessons, exercises, and personal stories, you'll discover:

  • The Three Zones of Living - Complacent, Survival, and Comfort - and what determines which one you are living in right now
  • The Create from Comfort Process - including clearing a safe internal space as a foundation for self-expression and joy, defining the expanded life you wish to live, and acclimating to even your wildest desires in ways that are natural and easy
  • Relationship Tools - including maneuvering luminary and gloominary relationships, turning competitors into compellers, and defining clear boundaries
  • Mindset Tools - including examining and replacing limiting beliefs, using mantras, affirmations, and power stances to create internal balance, entering the flow state at will, and developing empowering mental habits
  • And much more