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Finding Language Of Grace
Rediscovering Transcendence

CDN Retail: $29.00
Product Code: 9781399402712
Author: Jamison, Christopher
Vendor: Bloomsbury



Well known for his appearances on TV and radio, as well as for his books "Finding Sanctuary" and "Finding Happiness", Christopher Jamison once again shows his ability to communicate spiritual insights in an accessible way.

Finding the Language of Grace: Rediscovering Transcendence focuses on the transcendent experiences of grace that we struggle to talk about in today's very business - like culture. Abbot Christopher shows how the ways we listen and speak, read and write can all be channels of grace. This is illustrated through books as diverse as the medieval legend of the Holy Grail, Silence by Japanese writer Shusaku Endo, the writings of Spanish mystics and the novels of Pulitzer Prize winner Marilynne Robinson.

The power and the pain of grace resonate throughout the book, offering a new perspective on healing the loneliness and mistrust experienced by many, as well as on the turbulence and political extremes of today's world. How do we restore trust? How can we listen well? What is the right way to read the signs of the times? And how can we revitalise the language of grace in our day?