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Black Moon Lilith Rising (October 2023)
How to Unlock the Power of the Dark Divine Feminine Through Astrology

CDN Retail: $23.99
Product Code: 9781401970666
Author: Sesay, Adama
Vendor: Hay House



Black Moon Lilith Rising is unlike any other astrology book, it's a deep exploration into the misunderstood myth and archetype of Lilith, and it incorporates shadow work and spiritual alchemy.

The book begins with an ode to Lilith, anecdotal stories surrounding the author's experience with the energy, the mythology behind the Lilith archetype.

It details how Black Moon Lilith can be integrated practically for empowerment and life transformation. It then moves through an in-depth astrological analysis covering Black Moon Lilith through the 12 zodiac signs and houses. Planetary and angular aspects are then layered on explaining how Lilith can affect the other energies in the birth chart in an impactful way. Finally, the book guides the reader through shadow work with Lilith and outlines a Spiritual Alchemy practice for 13 days, as 13 is the number of the divine feminine.