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Imagination Matrix (Hardcover) (October 2023)
How to Access the Greatest Power You Have for Creativity, Connection, and Purpose

CDN Retail: $36.99
Product Code: 9781649630025
Author: Aizenstat, Stephen, Ph D
Vendor: Sounds True



If ever there was a time and a place to reconnect with imagination, that place is here, that time is now. For anyone looking for a new way forward for yourself, your community, and our struggling planet, Professor Stephen Aizenstat offers a powerful message of hope. The trailblazers are people like you - the seekers, creatives, dreamers, doers - who are willing and ready to tap into a collective purpose so vital, so vibrant, so resonant in the world of today.

In The Imagination Matrix, Aizenstat shares a step-by-step process to help you gain access to the "source code of imagination" - energizing your capacity to innovate new outcomes, evolve real-world solutions, and nurture your well-being. Here you'll explore:

  • Opening the Curious Mind - a new method to engage imagination and wonder
  • Answering the call of your Innate Genius
  • Growing your capacities of Imaginal Intelligence
  • Maintaining your humanity in an increasingly technological world
  • Claiming your creativity and purpose to meet the pull of the future

The Imagination Matrix offers a practical and uniquely personal path for becoming more purposeful, resourceful, and resilient - while developing a profound connection to the creative force that animates and flows through us all.