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Body Mandala (October 2023)
Posture, Perception, and Presence

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Product Code: 9781644118825
Author: Bond, Mary & Myers, Thomas
Vendor: Inner Traditions



Our physical structure, often known simply as "posture," is shaped by the balance of tension between our bones and soft tissues as well as by the mental, emotional, and physical stresses we experience. This tensional integrity, or "tensegrity," along with our sensory experiences, movements, and physical expressions all offer access points for developing fully embodied presence - that is, for engaging the body's capacity for perception, expanded awareness, and even spiritual presence.

Mary Bond teaches you to unlock your body's inner guidance through a journey of embodiment that will improve your posture in the process. Integrating movement theory, philosophy, neuroscience, fascia research, polyvagal theory, and personal story, Bond reveals how the human body organizes and expresses movement through perception. She looks in depth at the role of the fascial system in transmitting bodily perception, showing how fascia functions as the preeminent organ of embodiment and mind-body connection. She explains the process of internal perception, or "interoception," the body-mind's ability to identify, access, understand, and respond appropriately to its internal signals.

Offering an experiential understanding of the structural foundation of the human body in motion and in stillness, Bond presents more than 50 self-explorations that allow you to transform your sensory experience, expand your awareness, and make embodiment the focus of contemplative practice. The author also includes streaming audio and video links for each practice.

Inviting you to awaken to the grace and wisdom of your body as a personal mandala that is always available for meditative focus, the author shows how conscious embodiment can help us become more perceptive and more humane beings.