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Harnessing the Healing Power of Crystals Coloring Book (October 2023)

CDN Retail: $21.99
Product Code: 9780063305816
Author: O'Hara, Kate
Vendor: HarperCollins



Exquisitely crafted by Kate O'Hara, an artist who has previously illustrated successful guides to crystals, each illustration is accompanied by a page of text that explains the multifaceted significance of each gem, the guidance it is meant to offer contemporary readers, and tailored advice on coloring palettes, whether you prefer to use markers, pencils, pens, or paint. In addition, the inside back and front covers feature a full index - 40 color photographs - of each of the crystals, gems, and minerals found inside the book.

In an increasingly chaotic world, interest in the healing and soothing properties of the natural world continues to grow. Fans of crystals are attracted to their bright colors, unique mystical attributes, and comforting vibrations, which experts say can help with mindfulness goals such as stress relief, self-care, and affirmation. Harness the Healing Power of Crystals Coloring Book is a celebration of crystals' beautiful aesthetics, a guide for using each crystal to improve well-being, and a wonderful way to experience the powerful sense of creativity, joy, and peacefulness that coloring evokes.