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Sage, Huntress, Lover, Queen
Access Your Power and Creativity through Sacred Female Archetypes

CDN Retail: $23.99
Product Code: 9781644117934
Author: Branscombe, Mara
Vendor: Inner Traditions



Journey through the seven feminine archetypes to rediscover your essential self.

Guiding you to awaken the wisdom of your feminine soul, Mara Branscombe presents an inspiring look at the seven feminine archetypes that prevail in the modern psyche - Maiden, Mother, Sage, Huntress, Lover, Mystic, and Queen. She explains the continuing arc of influence these feminine archetypes have throughout different stages of life, sometimes dormant, sometimes prominent. Revealing the positive impact the archetypes can have if we embrace them and live them consciously, Mara explores each archetype's beneficial qualities, its connections to the physical-emotional-mental body, and its shadow aspects. She shares step-by-step creative practices, guided visualizations, mind-body rituals, and soulful poetry to help you embody each archetype, including inviting in the light aspects and integrating the shadow. She also shares embodiment techniques to help you shift your consciousness and untangle from the habitual and unconscious patterns that dim your vital spark.

Encouraging you to stay open to all archetypes, rather than concentrating solely on the archetype you are living right now, this guide shows how to weave the fine strands of the different archetypes together in a divine feminine way to help you reclaim your wholeness. By viewing yourself and the world through the lens of the seven feminine archetypes, you will discover how each cycle and experience in life are part of the unfolding of your own living ceremony.