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Worthy (Hardcover) (February 2024)
How to Believe You Are Enough and Transform Your Life

CDN Retail: $36.00
Product Code: 9781401977603
Author: Kern Lima, Jamie
Vendor: Hay House



"WORTHY" by Jamie Kern Lima is a self-help book that focuses on transforming one's life by building unshakable self-worth and embracing oneself fully. The author, known for her journey from waitress to billionaire entrepreneur, shares practical steps to overcome self-doubt and realize one's true potential. The author argues that our self-worth determines our success and that by believing in ourselves, we can achieve our goals and dreams. The book offers guidance on breaking free from limiting beliefs, embracing self-love, letting go of past mistakes, and embracing authenticity. It addresses various challenges such as imposter syndrome, fear of failure, and people-pleasing tendencies. Through a roadmap of self-discovery and empowerment, readers are encouraged to reshape their beliefs, transform their stories, and achieve fulfillment in various aspects of life.