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Hades (February 2024)
Myth, Magic & Modern Devotion

CDN Retail: $30.99
Product Code: 9780738775753
Author: Ravenna, M. & Waggoner, Jamie
Vendor: Llewellyn Worldwide



One of the most recognizable but misunderstood Greek gods, Hades plays a valuable role that has not garnered much adoration. Using myth, storytelling, and practical exercises, author Jamie Waggoner shows how Hades is more than the keeper of souls and the land of the dead. She reveals his true nature and provides everything you need to build your own rich devotional practice.

Discover Hades's real story with passages written in his own words, excerpts from historical texts, and Jamie's personal experiences. She helps you cultivate an unexpectedly life-affirming relationship with him through meditations, altar building, and other magical work. With Hades's wisdom, you will develop a deep appreciation for the glorious spectrum of experience we can have in this mortal lifetime.