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Higher Help Method (April 2024)
Stop Trying to Manifest and Let the Universe Guide You

CDN Retail: $27.99
Product Code: 9781649632104
Author: Mastroberte, Tammy
Vendor: Sounds True



Why can't I make manifestation work?" Many people struggle with this question in their practice - and the answer, says expert teacher Tammy Mastroberte, is they're trying to do it alone. "The key," she says, "is to put down the stressful burden of changing your reality by yourself, and place the Universe in charge."

In The Higher Help Method, Mastroberte affirms the Universe will support you to create what you want - or something even more incredible. To access the full potential of manifestation, you must learn to invoke the aid and wisdom of the divine with confidence, receptivity, and trust.

Here, she shares her tried-and-true system for framing your intentions with clarity, calling in specialized higher help, recognizing guidance as it appears around you, and following the Universe's lead. Then she dives deeper with specific tools such as custom prayers, exercises, crystals, and rituals for manifesting in seven key areas: money and abundance, health and healing, emotional well-being, relationships, career, parenting, and spiritual connection.