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Love Hacks (February 2024)
Simple Solutions to Your Most Common Relationship Issues

CDN Retail: $28.95
Product Code: 9781608689088
Author: Miller, Kelli
Vendor: New World Library



Therapist Kelli Miller knows that there is no replacement for traditional couples counseling. But therapy takes time, and in an increasingly "on-demand" culture, many couples find that they can't - or won't - invest the time, money, or motivation. They want solutions quickly, especially during a crisis. This inspired Miller to write Love Hacks, a simple, effective, and usable guide to addressing the most common relationship problems for the anywhere, anytime, quick-fix era.

After years of offering relationship advice, Miller has perfected succinct, memorable methods that solve relationship issues, and she brings this experience to Love Hacks. In concise, easy-to-digest chapters, it breaks down the fifteen most common issues in relationships and provides three innovative solutions for each. Designed to help couples, or even a single partner, zero in on the issue(s) they need to address, Love Hacks can be an active-participation manual for right now or a reference for later use. For couples in need, this essential and entertaining book covers:

  • strategies for communication, such as the "fast-food strategy" of repeating what someone says to ensure it's been understood
  • techniques for dealing with sexual issues, from lack of interest to infidelity
  • what to do when children enter the family
  • advice for coping with addiction, anger, and past trauma

Miller's advice is concise, effective, and timeless. For couples dealing with age-old issues in modern relationships, Love Hacks is an indispensable resource.