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Open (Hardcover) (February 2024)
Living with an Expansive Mind in a Distracted World

CDN Retail: $36.99
Product Code: 9781649631480
Author: Klemp, Nate
Vendor: Sounds True



With the avalanche of information we get every day, closing down our minds and hearts seems to be the only way to survive. We close to ourselves by compulsively checking our devices. We close to each other by getting caught in echo chambers of outrage. But what if there's another way? What if being more open to life is actually what brings us sanity and happiness? In this climate of distraction and division, Nate Klemp's Open offers a path back to a way of living that is expansive, creative, and filled with wonder.

Drawing on personal stories, scientific findings, and traditional wisdom, Klemp explores why we close down when faced with stressors or threats - then reveals why training ourselves to fully engage even with discomfort, pain, and sadness leads to greater well-being in the long run. Here, you'll explore the many approaches to opening (such as psychedelic-assisted therapy, open meditation, and letting go), guidance for maintaining healthy boundaries while opening, antidotes to the social pressures that cause us to dehumanize others, practical tools for choosing to welcome any experience in the moment, and much more.