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Coffee Magic for the Modern Witch (Hardcover) (October 2023)
A Practical Guide to Coffee Rituals, Divination Readings, Magical Brews, Latte Sigil Writing, and More

CDN Retail: $24.95
Product Code: 9781646045501
Author: Wild, Elsie
Vendor: Ulysses Press



Coffee has its own kind of magic - the kind that wakes you up and gets you moving, even when you'd rather stay snug in bed. The kind that helps you reconnect with old friends or spark a new romance. It's the kind of magic that makes you wait in line for hours for a certain latte or mocha that feels both original and familiar.

In Coffee Magic for the Modern Witch, we'll be spilling the coffee beans on the magical properties of coffee and all its many forms, from the protective power of espresso to the loving quality of mocha. Inside you'll also find original recipes, spells, and rituals that will add a bit of coffee magic to your life, including:

  • The "I Love Me a Latte" brew to perk up your self-love
  • The "Are You Seer-ing This?" coffee scrying ritual to divine the future
  • The "Cleans Me in Coffee" coffee bath recipe to release negativity
  • And so much more!

Coffee Magic for the Modern Witch is perfect for novice witches, coffee snobs, and herbalists who want to uncover the magic deep within each coffee bean.