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How to Prevent Dementia (Hardcover) (October 2023)
Understanding and Managing Cognitive Decline

CDN Retail: $35.99
Product Code: 9781510776296
Author: Restak, Richard
Vendor: Skyhorse Publishing Inc



How to Prevent Dementia begins with the principle that the more we know about dementia, the easier it is to prevent or delay it. A better foundation of knowledge also helps people to understand and interact thoughtfully with family members and other loved ones who may have Alzheimer's and other dementias.

Dr. Restak examines the basic thinking of normal everyday people and progresses to people with thinking disorders. In understanding that dementias exist along a continuum, starting with perfectly normal performance and ending at the extremes of mental dysfunction, we learn how our attention to everyday habits, choices, and behaviors can affect where we are located along that continuum, as well as whether or how we will progress from one part to another.

As can be gleaned from recent reports, researchers may be on the cusp of a meaningful treatment or cure for Alzheimer's. Dr. Restak also helps the reader to grasp both the positive and challenging consequences of the new medications that will soon be available.

At the end of the book, the reader will understand what practical steps can be taken each day to lessen the odds of dementia and how to take advantage of new medications, while gaining a better understanding of thinking and what it is like to have it falter.