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Ultimate Guide to Emotional Healing with Crystals and Stones (Hardcover) (November 2023)
Understanding and Applying Stone Energy to Achieve Inner Harmony and Peace

CDN Retail: $26.99
Product Code: 9781510776494
Author: Silbey, Uma
Vendor: Skyhorse Publishing Inc



This groundbreaking book provides detailed information about how to use crystal and stone energy to transform painful feelings and emotional turmoil into inner harmony and peace. These step-by-step crystal instructions show the reader exactly how to vanquish and transform both the most painful feelings as well as the underlying deep core wounding that supports their continual reoccurrence. Beautiful pictures and descriptions of the most important emotional healing stones supplement each set of instructions and accompanying meditations. This book is for all of those who want to have a happier life as well as those who want to successfully help others.

Within the opening pages of The Ultimate Guide to Emotional Healing with Crystals and Stones, Silbey provides you with an understanding of how emotional pain works, forming the basis that supports later instructions for crystal and stone usage. Then you'll be introduced to actual healing techniques as well as specific emotional healing crystals and stones.

While being inspired, you'll discover a deeper level of wisdom that will guide you further in your emotional healing work with stones and crystals through Silbey's informative and eye-opening text.