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Illumination Code (April 2024)
7 Keys to Unlock Your Quantum Intelligence

CDN Retail: $33.50
Product Code: 9781608688623
Author: Chestney, Kim
Vendor: New World Library



Drawing on the latest findings in quantum physics, The Illumination Code presents a multidimensional model of consciousness that accounts for the whole spectrum of intuitive experience - from everyday occurrences such as hunches and gut feelings to "impossible" phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing, and precognition. Through a series of exercises and case studies, Chestney shows readers how they can activate their latent power for greater awareness, creativity, and problem-solving. Readers will learn how to:

  • access the universal archive of information containing the psychic imprint of all past and future events, also known as the Akashic Records
  • use their quantum intelligence to gain meaningful personal insight and guidance
  • enter into the deep dimension to explore past lives, parallel realities, and alternate universes
  • personally experience quantum phenomena like nonlocality, foresight, entanglement, and synchronicity

Chestney takes readers on an excursion to the frontiers of knowledge, touching on an array of topics ranging from superstring theory to Jungian psychology. The Illumination Code clears a path toward a brighter, more expansive future for humanity, a time when the age of information gives way to the age of illumination.