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Green Witch's Guide to Herbal Magick (Hardcover) (October 2023)
A Handbook of Green Hearthcraft and Plant-Based Spellcraft

CDN Retail: $28.99
Product Code: 9781645676263
Author: Annabel Margaret
Vendor: Page Street Publishing



There is magick in things that grow, and this guide is the perfect companion for cultivating your own herbal practice. Within these pages, you'll discover spells for cleansing, protection, healing, and banishment, while also deepening your relationship with the natural world. You'll learn the language of lavender, chamomile, and cedar, uncover old secrets, and reconnect with that which is wild and beautiful.

Whether drawing in a new relationship by sweetly whispering your romantic desires to your basil plant each day, writing a wish on a bay leaf, or working to lift your spirits by harvesting calendula under a bright, midday sky, the abundant wisdom of herbs guides our growth and unearths deep understanding of the inherent magick in all of nature.

From understanding intention and magickal preparation, to a practical collection of spells and accompanying herbal compendium, The Green Witch's Guide to Herbal Magick empowers you to live the magickal life you've always wanted.