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Sovereign (Hardcover) (April 2024)
Reclaim Your Freedom, Energy, and Power in a Time of Distraction, Uncertainty, and Chaos

CDN Retail: $35.99
Product Code: 9781401975067
Author: Seppala, Emma
Vendor: Hay House



In the post-pandemic era of war, polarization, and economic and environmental challenges, is it any wonder that we're questioning a lot of things we thought we knew? We're ready to reevaluate what's important and rethink how we are living our lives. We need a new perspective - and Emma Seppala offers one.

Unlike many self-help books that simply repackage well-worn concepts, Sovereign delivers a radically new and enlightening message, made for this age of suffering and confusion. It's a manifesto that awakens us to all the areas in our life where we have subjugated ourselves to self-destructive beliefs and tendencies. And it's a roadmap to reclaim our full psychological sovereignty so we can live free, happy, and authentic lives.

Backed by psychological data, neuroscience, and empirically validated methodologies, this book takes us further along the path of personal transformation than we may ever have ventured before - and gives us the true freedom to live life to our fullest potential.